A unique newsletter for investors who take matters into their own hands.


Vigilante Investor explains the enduring "mega-trends" in the investment world that are driven by geopolitics. This newsletter integrates geopolitics, economics, and security analysis to identify the compelling investment opportunities of our day.  To better serve subscribers, Vigilante Investor also presents its recommendations in the context of a prudent portfolio of investment strategies. 

Publisher and Editor Steve Koomar is a career investment professional with 25 years of experience. During his tenure with  Goldman Sachs, Steve specialized in Derivatives, Japanese Bond Trading, and Global Proprietary Trading.  As International Fixed Income portfolio manager for Prudential Investment Management,he managed fixed income investments and foreign exchange risk in every major global market.  Steve later served as a portfolio manager for a large hedge fund and performed consulting services in insurance products and distressed Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS).  He currently manages a private farmland Real Estate Investment Trust.


Publisher Steve Koomar will invest in the securities recommended by the publication.  In doing so, he will give subscribers the opportunity to “go first.”  He will wait until one day after publication to initiate new investments.


Steve Koomar is a Senior Vice President for Pacific Income Advisers, a Registered Investment Adviser. In that capacity, he serves as CEO of PIA Farmland, a private REIT, and as portfolio manager for separately managed accounts that invest in farmland. The opinions expressed in Vigilante materials are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Pacific Income Advisers or PIA Farmland, both of whom have no role in Vigilante Publications.

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