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Vigilante Investor explains the enduring investment trends that are driven by geopolitics. The publication integrates geopolitics, economics, and security analysis to identify the compelling investment opportunities of our day.  

Steve Koomar began publishing Vigilante Investor in 2016. He is a career investment professional with 25 years of experience. During his tenure with  Goldman Sachs, Steve specialized in Derivatives, Japanese Bond Trading, and Global Proprietary Trading.  As International Fixed Income portfolio manager for Prudential Investment Management,he managed fixed income investments and foreign exchange risk in every major global market.  Steve later served as a portfolio manager for a large hedge fund and performed consulting services related to distressed mortgage-backed securities and insurance-realted investment offerings.  He currently does strategic planning for an oil & gas services company and also manages a private farmland Real Estate Investment Trust.

Policy change is transforming the "Global Order". America is withdrawing its sponsorship of  the post-WWII "Free-Trade order that globalized the economy and produced peace and prosperity around the world. America's new defense, tax, and trade policies, designed to reinvigorate the American economy,  will also cause disorder around the world. The U.S. will selectively retreat from global leadership,  leaving a vaccuum of chaos in its wake.


China is losing access to Ameican's rich consumer market. In response, China is accelerating efforts to to assert military and economic dominance in other parts of the world.  Simultaneously, Russia is trying to expand its European border to the east and south... to gain the natural protection from seas and mountains... before its population grows too old to pull it off. Iran and Turkey are pursuing separate strategies to dominate politics and commerce in the Middle East.    


The U.S. and its strategic allies offer a safe haven for investors. Wars and dislocations will destroy some industries and economies while creating enormous opportunity for others. This publication will arm investors with the analysis and insight needed to navigate the coming chaos.